About The Solution

The Ultimate Shoe Selector Kiosk offers numerous benefits.

Sales Boost Increased Consumer Awareness

Sales Boost


  • The kiosk delivers expert advice to improve customer confidence in their shoe choice - delivering improvements in sales.
  • The kiosk empowers staff to rapidly determine and satisfy the customer's needs.
  • We offer a solution with an affordable total cost of ownership.
  • The unassisted sale of just one pair of shoes is enough to cover the cost of the solution.
Sales Boost Increased Consumer Awareness

Feature More Products

Improve Customer Experience

  • Customers can easily access your entire shoe range.
  • Features and benefits of all products can be captured and communicated to the customer.
  • Addresses the issue of limited staff availability with a self-serve sales experience.
  • Boosts customer service capacity by providing faster personalised recommendations.
Sales Boost Increased Consumer Awareness

Managed Solution

Analytics & Data

  • Rest easy knowing that monitoring and support are provided to keep the solution up and running.
  • Useful usage and performance data is captured and reported.

Get an edge with valuable analytics data

Analytics for Retailers

Analytics data offers you the opportunity to gain insight and drive business decisions based on the consumer behaviour we report.

Ultimate Shoe Selector has been purpose-built to include advanced analytics tools which allow the collection and aggregation of the choices that users make inside the app.

Delivering Results for Retailers

Ultimate Shoe Selector is already successfully matching customers with the perfect shoe for their needs, and delivering great results for our listed retailers.



Personalised Shoe Matches

Have been delivered to customers.

Audience Direct Marketing

OVER 12,000


OVER 30,000

Shoe Searches

Have already downloaded Ultimate Shoe Selector (and counting!)

The high number of shoe searches demonstrates clear demand for expert shoe recommendations.


Demonstrated Customer Demand

For Both Popular and Niche Activities

Customers with a broad array of needs and activities are using Ultimate Shoe Selector to find their perfect shoe match.

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