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Ultimate Shoe Selector makes a winning addition to your sales team - supporting retail staff and customers with the expert advice they need to make confident shoe purchases. It is easy-to-use, engaging, and packed with powerful features benefiting customers and retailers alike.

Powerful Features

Activity Screen Results Screen

Shoe Filters

  • The app will guide the user through a number of screens containing criteria by which shoes can be recommended
  • The criteria include: Gender, Weight, Arch Type, Biomechanics Type, Activity, Sub-Activity,
    Surface(s), Footwear Feature(s) and Brand(s)


  • Once the required criteria has been entered, the app will display the recommended shoes in a list
  • Users can tap any shoe in the list to view more information about the shoe, access the associated website link for the shoe and find out where to buy the shoe
  • By tapping the star next to any shoe, the user can add the shoe to their saved shoes list

My Saved Shoes Side Menu

My Saved Shoes

  • A list of the user's saved shoes is presented in a similar layout to the results screens
  • Users can manipulate the list of saved shoes by deleting shoes that they are no longer interested in

Side Menu

  • Throughout the app, the user has access to a "Side Menu" which provides a method of jumping backwards and forwards through the shoe filter screens, as well as links to the My Saved Shoes list, Find a Podiatrist, About and Disclaimer screens

My Saved Shoes Side Menu

Innovation Station

  • See the latest developments in footwear technology, brand news and events with our Innovation Station.


  • Analytics data offers you the opportunity to gain insight and drive business decisions based on the consumer behaviour we report.
  • Ultimate Shoe Selector includes advanced analytics tools which allow the aggregation of data on user choices and preferences.

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