Benefits for Retailers

Reduction of Barriers to Sale Increased Consumer Awareness

Reduction of
Barriers to Sale

Increased Consumer Awareness

Users are empowered to self-educate and determine their footwear needs prior to visiting a retailer, reducing the time required to make a sale. Plus, customers can use the app to find their nearest store.

Where standard mass-marketing can only feature the most popular shoes stocked by retailers, Ultimate Shoe Selector can market a much wider variety of available shoes, precisely targeted to a user's needs.

Size and Scope of Control Niche and Mass Market Targeting Presentation of Store Locations

Size and Scope of Control

Niche and Mass Market Targeting

Presentation of Store Locations

As not all shoes may be stocked at all stores, retailers can opt to list the shoe models available at each store.

Both "mass-market" and "niche-market" shoes will be displayed equally prominently within the app.

Customers can easily locate their nearest retailer to make a purchase, using map and GPS functions.

Special Features for Retailers

"Where to Buy" Feature

The powerful "Where to Buy" feature is accessible from the "Shoe Detail" screens. The interactive map view shows the closest stockists. There is also a suburb search to find the nearest retailer for the desired shoe.

The "Store Details" screen features one-touch contact and navigation information to assist the user in purchasing their preferred shoe from your store.

Press the play button on the left to view a short video of this feature.

Get an edge with valuable analytics data

Analytics for Retailers

Analytics data offers you the opportunity to gain insight and drive business decisions based on the consumer behaviour we report.

Ultimate Shoe Selector has been purpose-built to include advanced analytics tools which allow the collection and aggregation of the choices that users make inside the app. We have the utmost respect for all users' privacy concerns and therefore no personally identifiable information is collected. Analytics Reports will be forwarded to listed brands every 3 months, including both general and brand-specific data.

General Analytics

Retailer-Specific Analytics

General analytics provide a snapshot of all users of Ultimate Shoe Selector, recording the number of times any given filter option is selected:

  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Arch Type
  • Biomechanics Type
  • Sport or Activity
  • Sub-Activity (if applicable)
  • Surfaces
  • Footwear Features (if applicable)

Ultimate Shoe Selector offers the following analytics, exclusively to listed retailers:

  • Where users are looking for stores, by postcode
    • Shows areas with most interested customers using Ultimate Shoe Selector
  • Which brands/models are getting the most "where to buy" clicks
    • Shows the most popular stores
  • Number of hits to each individual "Store Details" page
    • Shows how many customers are taking interest in purchasing from a specific store
  • Number of interactions from each individual "Store Details" page, including: call store and get directions
    • Shows how many customers are taking action towards purchasing from a specific store

Delivering Results for Retailers

Ultimate Shoe Selector is already successfully matching customers with the perfect shoe for their needs, and delivering great results for our listed retailers.



Personalised Shoe Matches

Have been delivered to customers.

Audience Direct Marketing

OVER 12,000


OVER 30,000

Shoe Searches

Have already downloaded Ultimate Shoe Selector (and counting!)

The high number of shoe searches demonstrates clear demand for expert shoe recommendations.

Audience Direct Marketing

OVER 5,000

Where to Buy Hits

OVER 5,000

Shoes Saved to Favourites

Ultimate Selector connects you with large numbers of customers who are ready to buy - using the Where to Buy feature shows just how close they are to the purchase of their next pair of shoes.

The popularity of the Saved Shoes feature demonstrates the large numbers of app users who are close to making a purchase - storing their recommended shoe matches for later reference.


Demonstrated Customer Demand

For Both Popular and Niche Activities

Customers with a broad array of needs and activities are using Ultimate Shoe Selector to find their perfect shoe match.

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