Benefits for Podiatrists

Increased Patient Awareness of Podiatry Calls to Action

Increased Patient Awareness of Podiatry

Calls to Action

By educating users to the factors involved in making an informed shoe purchase, Ultimate Shoe Selector promotes the importance of podiatry for lower limb health and well-being.

The large potential market of Ultimate Shoe Selector also serves to increase overall consumer awareness of podiatric health, potentially increasing custom for podiatry clinics.

Ultimate Shoe Selector has been designed to maximise the call to action for consumers to get in touch with their local Podiatrist and make an appointment.

Direct Links to Podiatrists Exposure of Local Podiatric Services Five Star Brand Impact

Direct Links to Podiatrists

Exposure of Local Podiatric Services

Five Star Brand Impact

Ultimate Shoe Selector gives Podiatrists the opportunity to provide their contact details and website directly to consumers within the App.

The interface makes it simple for consumers to visit the Podiatrist's website, make an appointment and navigate to their local clinic.

Ultimate Shoe Selector offers you the opportunity to promote your clinic in an App featuring major shoe and retail brands, ensuring you are seen among the best-of-the-best.

Special Features for Podiatrists

"Find a Podiatrist" Feature

The "Find a Podiatrist" feature allows the user to find their nearest podiatrist on a map, or perform a suburb search. The podiatrist details view provides one-touch contact and navigation information to assist the user in booking an appointment and finding your clinic.

Press the play button on the left to view a short video of this feature.

Get an edge with valuable analytics data

Analytics for Podiatrists

Analytics data offers you the opportunity to gain insight and drive business decisions based on the consumer behaviour we report.

Ultimate Shoe Selector has been purpose-built to include advanced analytics tools which allow the collection and aggregation of the choices that users make inside the app. We have the utmost respect for all users' privacy concerns and therefore no personally identifiable information is collected. Analytics Reports will be forwarded to listed brands every 3 months, including both general and brand-specific data.

General Analytics

Podiatrist-Specific Analytics

General analytics provide a snapshot of all users of Ultimate Shoe Selector, recording the number of times any given filter option is selected:

  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Arch Type
  • Biomechanics Type
  • Sport or Activity
  • Sub-Activity (if applicable)
  • Surfaces
  • Footwear Features (if applicable)

Ultimate Shoe Selector offers the following analytics, exclusively to listed podiatrists:

  • Where people are looking for podiatrists, by postcode
    • Shows areas with highest demand for professional advice by users of the app
  • Number of hits to podiatrist details page
    • Shows how many people have indicated interest in contacting your clinic
  • Number of interactions including: add to contacts, call podiatrist, visit website or get directions
    • Shows how many people are taking action to contact your clinic

Delivering Results for Podiatrists

Ultimate Shoe Selector is delivering results for our listed Podiatrists, with a growing user base offering fantastic exposure for our listed clinics.



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Podiatrist Searches

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The high number of searches using the Find a Podiatrist feature demonstrate the demand for professional advice from our app users.

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Ultimate Shoe Selector rewards listed clinics by connecting you with customers who are ready to request your services. Our growing list of clinics includes:

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