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Personalised shoe advice from the experts.

Ultimate Shoe Selector was conceptualised by podiatrists and sport industry experts to provide an innovative new way to connect customers to the perfect pair of shoes.

App for iOS and Android Retail Kiosk Solution

How it works

Ultimate Shoe Selector takes the guesswork out of finding the right shoes for your needs. Just answer a few simple questions and the app will match you with a personalised list of shoes. Our list of recommendations is compiled by shoe industry experts to suit your unique profile.

Ultimate Shoe Selector Steps to Success

It's called Ultimate Shoe Selector for a reason.

You will love Ultimate Shoe Selector because:

Free! Ease of Use


Easy to Use

  • Ultimate Shoe Selector is free to use!
  • Download for free from the App Store or Google Play, or visit one of our retail kiosks to find your perfect pair
  • Our easy questionnaire takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect shoes
  • Guides and videos help you easily identify your own arch type and biomechanics
Accelerated Awareness of New Shoes Powerful Personalisation with a Wide Range of Options


Personalised Results

  • Get the latest and greatest in shoe tech with up-to-date shoe choices from your favourite brands
  • Check out the Innovation Station for the latest developments in footwear technology, brand news and events
  • Rest easy knowing an expert has found the right shoes for your unique needs
  • Useful for everyone from amateurs, to athletes, to workers, children, mums and dads
  • Shoe results for 30+ sports and activities
  • A wide range of shoe selection criteria offers an unprecedented level of personalisation
  • Results tailored specifically to gender, weight, arch type, biomechanics type, activity, sub-activity, surface(s), footwear feature(s) and brand